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Veracitas Holdings

is a private independent company created by a team of inventors, engineers and technicians to combine their experience in developing technical devices of any complicity by the order of our clients.

  • Our team has a very broad range of skills and experience across the wide spectrum of business and personal needs. This gives us a wider perspective, clear insight and a strongly commercial long-term view. We use this searching approach to secure the growth of our clients as they move confidently into the future.



Our company engineers and invents multiple technical devices such as the elements for the Thermal imager module intended for the specific employment according to the customer requirements. Finished elements are used by our clients in manufacturing of their own products. Depending on the applications and the assigned tasks the elaboration of the modules is carrying out with the use of the DSP processors and crystals with PLD (FPGA) architecture.






Research and development

During recent years our team has developed the circuitries of the image processing. These elaborated algorithms of processing allow to acquire the signal directly from the initial micro bolometer sensors, to process it and output in the necessary format with the images parameters control feature.


The Thermal modules development includes the elaboration of the algorithms for processing the initial signals from the elements of the matrix microbolometer detectors and converting them into a video signal for the possibility of further processing, recording and storage. Our suppliers of optic elements are the leading.

Constructing projects

Our team may participate in research and development of construction projects of any complicity on your request.

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