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Camera 10.100

Camera module

Camera 10.100

Technical Manual

Description for Camera 10.100

Camera 10.100 is a two-channel surveillance camera that has two built-in channels: a thermal imaging channel and a television channel.

The TV channel is built using a CMOS matrix with a resolution of 1920 x 1080.

The thermal imaging channel has a LWIR range with a resolution of 640 x 512.

        Camera 10.100 has a compact body made of light metal and is especially suitable for industrial use in harsh conditions of the technological process, for use on the street for various inspection tasks, as well as on vehicles. The protection level IP67 makes the camera a useful tool for many applications in research and industries requiring stationary and mobile installation. The range of applications of the Camera 10.100 ranges from automatic threshold detection and signaling configurable via RS232 to real-time 50/60 Hz digital imaging and online processing for computerized process control. The Camera 10.100 is ideal for a variety of applications in research and industry, as well as for monitoring tasks that require continuous and automatic operation.

Areas of application of Camera 10.100:

• Assembly control and process monitoring

• Monitoring of machines and installations

• Real-time thermography in the research and development sector

• Safety technologies and early fire detection

• Stationary micro thermography

• Monitoring and control of fast processes